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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Zain- I heard a Whisper but no one was there

“Good morning scaredy cat”, said David. Oh quit it David, can’t you just forget about it. “Nope, if you want me to forget about it you first you will have to explain every single word  to my best mate Natsu”, exclaimed David. Alright but after that you'll be toast by my bare hands! Hey Natsu come in, follow my lead to my room, David quickly shut the curtains and close the door so it's dark because I’m going to tell what happened yesterday but I’m warning you by the time we finish this story you'll be laughing out of your chair like a funky monkey.

Yesterday David and me went to the movies to watch the new released movie named, I heard a whisper but no one was there! David had planned to watch this movie for my birthday so I happily agreed but when I found out it was a horror movie I had difficulties getting in my car. Finally when David and me got there the movie had ended, so David was pretty disappointed in me.

Then I began to walk to the door to get out of the stupid filthy cinemas but somehow the door was locked. On the side I saw lots of buttons but there was one lever so I asked David which one should I press then he answered back the lever. As I got my skinny arms touching the lever the light had went off but without any fear I still pulled the lever. Due to David’s lack of prediction the door never opened but instead I heard a whisper coming from outside in the hallway so I made my way to the exit that goes straight to the long hallway where the hall of fame is. I started to sprint to the hallway because I couldn’t find David and the lights were off. Once I arrived I heard another loud whisper but I couldn’t see anyone.

Just when I was about to cry the lights went on again.Suddenly someone tapped my back and I screamed like a dragon with fear. Everyone in my family was watching me and the young ones were laughing. Of course it was a surprise but I wondered who came up with this idea. Hmm who could it be aha it was David’s mad idea and I still have a score to settle with him.

Ok David I told Natsu all about it know it's time that I we have a little talk (whispering to each other.) David remember what you said you will stop right. “Yeh I remember now let's get this chinese loser out of your house. Hey Natsu David said your a chinese loser. “Seriously Zain once I escape from him I'm going to tell on your mum”, howled David. In your dreams! Haha got him good this time.

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