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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Samuel: Jump Rope

On the 19th of June, our school will go to the GI Centre and skip.  This is a photo of our classes practising before we go to the GI Centre.  We are doing this to raise funds for the Heart Foundation.  This was also to make our routines perfect.  Doing this will help the children in the GI community keep fit and stop obesity.  


  1. Talofa Lava Samuel
    I like your photo it looks spectacular how you have managed to get yourself and your two other classmates. I have written a paragraph about skipping you should go and check it out. How long did it take you to practice every morning?

  2. Kia orana Samuel
    I think that this paragraph of yours is really great. I like how you talk about donating money to the heart foundation to help the children with heart damage. This is like a story I read called the skipping competition. You should talk about how it was fun and exciting. Did you feel nervous skipping in front of the whole school?