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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Lauren- Learning Hockey


Today at 9:30 am my class and I went to play hockey. We got taught by a lady named lydia. The first thing she taught us was the safety tips. The first one was to always keep the stick on the ground at all times. The second one was to not swing the stick around to avoid hitting someone in the head. The first activity we did was follow the leader, you had to try lose your team. We played the other game called traffic light green meant go, orange meant slow down, red meant stop, purple meant reverse and silver meant super fast. Other game we played was you had to try hit the ball up and down on your stick. The last game we played was we had to run around the goal and try and hit it in the other goal. Lydia was so fun to work with and I can’t wait till next week.


  1. Kia orana Lauren
    I like how you have wrote about hockey. Hockey is a great sport, but someone could get hurt like me. I liked how you wrote about the safety rules in hockey which is very important. What was the best part that you like about hockey?

    1. Kia orana Lana my favorite part of hockey is scoring a goal. What is your favourite part of hockey?.

  2. Kia Ora Lauren.
    Wow, you must be so excited to go for hockey lessons with Lydia again. It was fun playing hockey with Lydia. The safety rule was really important. What did you enjoy most in hockey?