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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Andrea - Role Model

WALT: Write a topic sentence and related facts.

Role Models

A role model is someone you aspire to or are interested in what they do. They would be the person I would like to be. In other words, a role model is a person who inspires me to follow my dreams and set good goals for my future.

The person I look up to in my family is my dad. Although we’re not a rich family, I enjoy good  food, clothes on my back and shoes on my feet. My dad is committed to hard work and enjoys providing for our family. He works five days a week and spends time with us during the weekends. He’s a fun loving dad, who would help anyone, provided he can do so safely.

Another role model would be Yazmin because she is intelligent, kind, she is always on task and is devoted to hardwork. She has a few talents like drawing, being a team player and helping me out when I ask for help. She behaves well in class and is easy to start a conversation with.

My role model in the community is Manu Bennett. He is a famous NZ actor who I look up to because I enjoyed watching “The Arrow” in which he stars in and I’ve always dreamt of being an actress since I was a little girl. Manu Bennett acts as a villain on the TV series and his acting skills made the programme very exciting.

I believe I have chosen a group of strong willed people as my role models and would like to think that I will one day meet Manu Bennett.


  1. Kia Ora, Andrea
    Thank you so much, made my day. I also wrote about being a role model, but mine were different from yours. Hopefully in the future you will meet Manu Bennett. Do you ever think, who you are a role model to?

  2. Kia Orana Andrea
    I really like how chose yazmin to be your class Role Model she really great. My class Role Model is Ifa I think he is just like yazmin. Who else would be your class Role Model