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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Andrea- Jonah Lomu Comic


  1. Kia orana Andrea
    I really like how you have made a comic strip of Jonah Lomu. He was one of the greatest players that ever lived, but sadly he died. I also like how you say that the crowd goes wild. If you were Jonah Lomu what would it feel to you if you were famous?

  2. Kia Ora Andrea,
    I enjoyed reading your comic strip. I have done a comic about Jonah Lomu too, but it is a picture of him and his family. Do you enjoy watching rugby?

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I like how you have made a comic out of Jonah Lomu. My favourite one is "and the crowd goes wild" I thought that was quite funny. I see you made a comic in memory of Jonah Lomu. I also made a comic for him. I hope you can make more of those comics. Keep it up

  4. Hi Lana
    Hmmm, if I was famous, I would probably feel like any other person on Earth. Happy of course. I have my family and friends supporting me on what I am doing and my name, face and skills are aired on television.

    Hi Ketura
    Yes! I love watching rugby. When I first started watching rugby, it was kind of boring but then my dad kept on watching it and so I got used to it. How about you? Do you enjoy watching rugby?

    Hi Lauren
    Thanks for your support. I thought that line was funny too. That's why I put it in.

    Thanks for the friendly feedback Lana, Ketura and Lauren.