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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Heather- Nate lives on

Walht:write an interesting and enjoyable narrative.

Honk! It was only 7:45 am and there was traffic everywhere on the street. Nate was waiting anxiously in the taxi to get to Festern Street.  Fixing his jacket cuffs and using his hands to brush back his thick wavy locks Nate sat with his eyes glued to his phone. The rain started to pour, outside was a dull street with many stressful drivers having trouble getting to where they need to go.

Nate's heart rate rising, time ticking. Arriving at a big building. Nate stopped while two men raced out in bright red suits to take his soggy  jumper.  A big chandelier was right in the middle of the ceiling. Nate walking steadily into room 251 when all of a sudden Cheryl a fashion designer sprints into action giving nate a fancy brown jacket, and a pair of plain jeans. Stan the producer was doing an add for cyber smart when Nate would be a huge man leaving footprints everywhere without knowing.

One room had a spectacular view with big cameras everywhere. The set had miniature buildings with roads, payphones, everything. Stan made his way into the room with high confidence that nothing could go wrong. Suddenly Cheryl misplaces one of her steps and stood right on a building that breaks and crumbles all over the floor.   Everyone gasped, “That was the main building!” yelled Stan “It was where the camera stayed to get the right angle!”

Nate realises that he had bought a doll house for his daughter. Stan placed the doll house in the area where the building had stayed. After their final shoot they sent the add to the International Cybersmart Company. Next a phone rings and it's for Nate, a movie company wanted to have him in one of their new blockbuster movies.

Later they had a big after party for their success and a huge feast. Everyone had big smiles and Nate couldn’t wait to be in his first ever movie. Before the crew had headed home they took a photo to capture that memory.

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