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Friday, 6 May 2016

Huntah: Memories with Mum

                               Memories with my mum

Well it’s nearly going to be mother's day. I think of getting her something she deserves for the happy memories and fun moments we had in the the past and in recent times. I just can’t stop thinking of all the memories we had, like when I went to my first rugby game, my parents wedding, the day I could walk and the most important memory in my life is when my brother arrived.

We had a enjoyable family time. The fun moments I had was when I learnt how to ride a bike, my 5 birthday and my first time at school. The bad moments and memories was when my mum got very sick she had to go hospital and when my brother had to get his first Immunization ingestion. Sometimes I got a lot of hidings but those hidings were for reasons. Well now I have overcame those bad moments and now I am making new lovable memories.

Sometimes I muck up in life and then I go back to my usually me. I use to get into fights in the past but I now am just a usual boy playing with my friends trying to get a good education. When I grow up my mum wants me to go UNIVERSITY and then be a lawyer, but my dad tells me to be whatever I want to be but find a good job that will pay your bills. Now I know that she loves me for who I am.  I love my mum and I will never stop loving


  1. Kia Ora Huntah
    I really like your writing that you did about your mum!, it's really nice. I did the same as you. Did you show your mum your writing?

  2. Talofa Huntah, I really like how it say whatever pays your bills. I also want to go to Uni and study. Do you want to go to Uni and if you do would you study to be a lawyer or something else?. I like you very last sentence it's right from the heart.

  3. Malo e lelei Huntah,

    I love it! I love your writing about your loving mum. I wrote my memories about my mum too! Did you show your mum your writing? How did she feel?

    KEEP IT UP! =)

  4. Talofa Huntah I really like you paragraph it was really good to hear that you want to go to ni want want to go to.But did you even show her it?

  5. Hello Huntah,

    I've read your story about your mother several times now. I have to say that I enjoyed reading your writing. Reading your story reminds me of my young days when I was a naughty child. I've received many lectures about what I can and could do in the future. I'd say that our childhood was quite similar in a way. Would you like to go back to your childhood lifestyle again?