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Monday, 27 June 2016

Huntah - Weekend

In the weekend my family and I went to watch a interesting movie named Teenage mutant ninja turtles. As as we entered through the ticket reception I was thinking of what would happen in the movie. The movie was very long. My brother never got to all of it because he fell asleep. I really enjoyed watching that movie.


  1. Kia ora Huntah
    it must of been a long movie and pretty good one the turtles that i like is rafil but you did not make scent because you said As as we entered through the ticket it did not make scent fix it up

  2. Kia orana Huntah,
    I thought the movie was long as well but never went to sleep. I liked how you went out to watch it with your family. My favourite Ninja Turtle is Donatello who's your favourite?.

  3. Malo e lelei Huntah

    I agree that the movie is long. I liked how you put a picture in it. In the weekend I watched the BFG movie. Have you watched it?