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Monday, 27 March 2017

Huntah- Swimming Sports

Swimming sports 2017

Today some students and me worked hard in the swimming competition. Not every student swam, but most of us did. When I entered the swimming I heard everybody cheering as loudly. It was like s a siren piercing my ears. In all my races I came first, but I think my opponents could do better if they practiced. Swimming was quite difficult . I struggled with butterfly. Overall I am really happy with my places in swimming.


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  2. Kia ora Huntah,
    I was also at the swimming sports watching the swimmers, it was very hot but it was worth it to go and watch the hard practising students that swam. I really enjoyed reading your simile and it was quite loud, anyway great little paragraph on swimming sport keep it up

  3. Hi Huntah,
    I see that your paragraph is giving information. I enjoyed your story , and I liked that way how to put a picture collage. Did you do butterfly competitive?

  4. kia ora Huntah

    I loved the way you described the crowd cheering.I was also at the swimming competition but I did not swim because I did not bring my togs and I hated swimming.Did you know that the olympic swimming team
    did not get a gold medal. Are you going to continue swimming?