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Friday, 3 November 2017

Mya- Keeping friends safe on social media

Social media is where people talk, post pictures and contact others. On websites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter people can get hurt in many ways for example what people say in the comments, being cyberbullied and when people write mean things about them. It is a serious problem and sometimes your friends can get hurt by these things and you need to help them.

The first thing you want to do is tell your friends what not to give out online. The  most important thing to say is “Never give out your password, address, email, age, phone number and even your full name.” When doing these things people look on the internet and find things out about you. Don't accept “Friend” requests from people you don’t know because sometimes they can be very dangerous. The bad thing is people can say that they’re a different age and gender to be your friend. Never met up with someone you only met online because you have no idea of their age or gender or why they want you as a friend.

We should never say anything that is mean, untrue, dangerous and negative. When saying these things online it can lead to bad things. When you call someone fat right now they can be starving them self or if you call them ugly they could be doing something bad right at this moment. So never say things that are negative and mean. Sometimes someone may do this to you. Never reply to a message that makes you uncomfortable and maybe to help you could block them. If one of these things does happen to you or a friend tell an adult you trust so they can do something about it.

When going online and keeping each other safe you can even make a deal to always keep one another safe. Because anywhere, anything and anyone can say, do and write something that can be mean. Remember to keep your friends safe, never be a bully, don’t give out any personal information and don’t reply to a negative and mean comments. If anything makes you uncomfortable tell an adult you trust.

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