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Friday, 16 September 2016

Lauren- Algebra at Open Day at Tamaki College


Expressions - Mathematical term for no equal sign
Variable - Mathematical term for letters
Coefficient - Mathematical term for number before the letter
Constant - Mathematical term for the number all by itself

When variables are the same, we call them like terms
When adding like terms keep the variable the same.

2a+5a= 7a
4c+5c= 9c
7p-4p= 3p
ab+2ab= 3ab

“Maths eyes”
If there is no number next to the letter the it always means one


4b+3g+2b+6g= 15bg :(
Not allowed.

If the letters are not the same then keep them separate.
Algedra must be in alphabetical order.


Correct: 3a2 + 6a
If there is a exponent then it stays separate.

Today at Tamaki College we learnt this in maths class B12. I really enjoyed today and would like to come to this school.
I found out to get the little two then highlight it and push control dot. I recently learnt how to do it. If you want to do any challenges then go to It donates rice to kids who haven't eaten for days. There's always something to learnt. That's what Miss Dunn said.

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